I focus mainly on the Camera Obscura Photography - the simplest way of projecting the image onto photosensitive materials. I don't use lenses, but rather give an invitation to the omnipresent energy for direct cooperation. I don't place any limitations to the light. I don’t hinder the light, nor do I demand anything from it, I gently invite it into my cameras, merely trying to record, document and discover. Camera Obscura Photography is mostly unpredictable. While constructing these simple recorders I expect the unexpected; at times, nothing at all. I manipulate the focal and the pinhole diameter then I let it work on its own; sometimes predicting the outcome, other times not at all. My simple cameras register the absolute reality, imperfect framing and my own imperfect perception of the world. The creation of a pinhole camera is a very simple process and frankly, a very common one. What is special to me is the effect, my visual antiPicture. I use negative, positive, instant, immediate films and photosensitive papers. I mostly use heliobrom and dev-spray methods with the bromide and multigrade papers in my dark room. In recent years I have been working on three projects titled "weAreChildrenOfOneGod", "Possession" and "forestPeople". These are results of my considerations and my attempt to organize affairs which consist of my past and the present